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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

What’s it all about?

CIPD set professional standards and provide the expertise to drive the HR and L&D professions forward. Professional membership of the CIPD demonstrates that you meet the CIPD rigorous entry criteria and professional standards. As well as adhering to the CIPD Code of Conduct, all professional members of the CIPD must demonstrate that they have the technical knowledge, skills, behaviours and experience outlined in the CIPD current body of knowledge.


Is it for me?

A career in HR offers long-term options and a huge variety of roles. You could be involved in recruiting or training staff one day, or helping your company decide how staff should be rewarded the next. There are roles which focus on employment law, protecting the rights of employees at work. You could start off your career as an HR administrator but progress all the way to the top of the business as an HR director, helping to drive the direction of the business. 


What will I do?

Classroom sessions are designed to develop students’ knowledge through discussion, case studies, skills practice and presentations. 


What can I do next?

Information taught on CIPD courses cover a broad range of HR/L&D skills, you may wish to progress from a generalist role on to specialist role in a particular area. You may wish to progress from Foundation to Professional level or from studying Human Resource to Learning & Development.


What's in it for the Business?

HR and L&D professionals play a vital role in both business performance and people's careers - making sure the right people are in the right jobs. Attracting people is an important first step, but that is just the beginning.  A CIPD course will give your staff the skills needed to encourage employees to stay with you, perform to the best of their abilities, and help them to develop skills and build long-term careers. 

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