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The Association of Accounting Technicians

The Association of Accounting Technicians


What’s it all about?

AAT Accounting qualifications are the ideal way to start or progress your career in Accounting.  There are a range of qualifications from Access (level 1) to Professional (level 4).  All of the UK chartered accountancy bodies recognise AAT.  AAT qualifications open doors to job roles in all kinds of industries as most businesses need accountants. 


Is it for me?

If you are looking to study part time (evenings or day) and have a career in accounting or thinking of one then one of our courses could be for you.


What will I do?

At each level the content differs.  The details of each of the qualifications and units are listed below. Each unit is assessed by external examination.


What can I do next?

Many of our students progress from one level to the next.  As a qualified AAT member you could work for yourself, work in accounting firms or any other industry in the accounting field.


What's in it for the Business?

From level 2 upwards the depth of learning will increase at each level providing you with knowledgeable employees who will be taught the fundamentals of accounting appropriate to each level and have all round accounting skills by the end of the course. Employees will have demonstrated their commitment by achieving this qualification.

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