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Meet the Inclusive Learning Students

Megan Lambert always had an interest in caring for animals, as she's got quite a menagerie at home already. She is currently studying the Level 1 in Animal Care, and has seen her confidence escalate. She has overcome quite a lot this year, and has been awarded the Inclusive Learning Award at Student of the Year 2017.  

"I knew I wanted to work with animals from a very young age. Whenever I saw an injured or hurt animal, I would always do my best to help it in any way I could. At home I've got a dog, cat, coy carp and I've had numerous other animals such as hamsters. I decided to come to this College because it offered the right course at the right level. I've progressed from the Entry Level course, and have really enjoyed my time here. I like that we've got other animals at the College such as guinea pigs and chickens, you wouldn't believe how many different breeds of chicken there are! I've also really enjoyed working at the local farm where we've learnt to take care of other animals such as geese, donkeys and horses. We groom them, feed them, clean them out and much more. Working with the animals is definitely my favourite thing about the course.

Megan receiving her Student of the Year award

One of the most challenging things about the course for me personally was the Functional Skills tests. I don't tend to do well in situations with lots of people in one room and don't really get on with exams. However we do have other assessments such as Q+A's about different animals and their habitats. For example, we would go to a bit of woodland and be asked about the area and what kind of wildlife there is, which I much prefer to written work. I feel that progressing through this course has taught me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Before, I was very afraid and nervous about getting up and speaking to a large crowd of people, I didn't even like speaking in class. However one of my assignments was to give a presentation to my class, so my teachers helped to coach me through it, and in the end I gave a confident presentation on my favourite animal, Orangutans. I'm proud that I now feel comfortable  to speak out loud in front of people. I still get scared but I've learnt to control and overcome it. As well as this, my best achievement so far has been that I won the Inclusive Learning award at Student of the Year 2017. I felt really honoured to have won it, and really proud.

As long as I pass this course, I'm hoping to go on to the Work to Learn course, I want to go on a placement that has something to do with animals, such as at a vets, as my end goal is to become a vet. I'm hoping to pass my driving test before I start the next academic year, so hopefully I'll have more chances of finding a placement revolving around animal care. I've definitely grownup as an individual during my time here, I'm much more confident in myself as well as in handling animals and completing my work."


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