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Meet the Art & Design Students

Ocean Kiss (amazing name!) moved here from Hungary around two years ago, and believes that the freedom of the education system in the UK has enabled her to pursue her dream of becoming a tattoo artist and learning new techniques in the discipline of art.

"Studying at MKC is incredibly different to studying in Hungary, where emphasis is put on constant study, whereas here I have been given the choice of what I want to learn. The atmosphere is much more relaxed and I enjoy it so much more. I spoke English before I moved here, however there is  a big difference in studying a language and using it in conversation. I am proud of how far I have come with my English, I've made lots of  friends and feel like I fit in here.

I've been into art ever since I could remember, I particularly like drawing character designs, illustrations and pop-art. I've really enjoyed learning about new materials that can be used to create beautiful things, such as clay, plaster, wire and much more. I recently made a jug using clay which I'm particularly proud of. One of the things that has made my time here so good is the teachers. They are so supportive and offer so much guidance, and I never feel afraid to ask any question about anything. The atmosphere in class is always so relaxed and friendly and it's a great space to get creative in.

I've grown a lot in my self with my confidence, I've learnt that it's important to be yourself and explore as many different options as possible. I'm hoping to go on to the Level 3 course next year to learn techniques in art. My aim at the moment is to become a tattoo artist, and I'd like to either go on to University or an Apprenticeship at a tattoo studio in order to achieve this."

For Alice Acquaye, studying at MKC is a lot different to her secondary education experience in Italy, where art isn't emphasised as an important pathway.

"I lived in Italy for about 15 years. School is very different there, it's very strict and serious and we aren't really encouraged to study more creative subjects, I also found there to be quite a bit of racism and segregation in the culture, compared to here anyway! I originally moved to Leeds with my family where I studied an ESOL course, which turned out to be a bit of a waste of time seeing as my English was already to quite a high standard. We moved down to Milton Keynes and I knew I wanted to do Art, but I had to get my GCSE's first.

I feel like my English has improved a lot and I feel confident conversing with people in English. I also speak Italian and Ghanaian, and I've found that practicing with other people is the best way to learn.

I can't really say why I'm interested in art - I don't really understand how some people aren't! I also enjoy dancing and making things that are surreal and a bit weird. My favourite thing we've done on the course is our 3D project. We learnt to use new material such as styrofoam, clay and bits of wire. I've made some really good friends on the course and the teachers are really great too. The atmosphere in the classroom is realled chilled and relaxed, and we all just get on with our work. We've always got music playing and there's always good conversation going on. I want to go on to the Level 3 Art + Design course to learn more techniques and use different materials, and then |'m hoping to go on to University and study Interior Design, hopefully somewhere in London or Northampton.

I feel that studying here has definitely grown my confidence, not just in speaking the English language, but in myself and my work too."


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