Your Study Programme


College is more than just a qualification.

Your study programme, or course, offers much more than your traditional qualification. At Milton Keynes College you will benefit from a well-rounded experience, preparing you for progression and deciding what that progression looks like. Your study programme will consist of five key areas:

The course you study relates to what industry or what area you will specialize in in your career. In order to progress, you need more than just a qualification. You need the relevant skills and experience to progress in that specialism, which you will gain in addition to your accreditation.

As well as your qualification, one of the most important attributes an employer looks for when considering who to hire is experience. At an entry level, you won't be expected to have years on the job under your belt, however you do need to demonstrate that you have actively put effort into joining the industry and learning the ropes. The college has partnered with local and national partners to offer some fantastic work experience opportunities.

This is a unique part of the study programme at Milton Keynes College, which enables course teams to tailor your learning and experience to your developmental needs and career plans. Personalised Enhancement is intended to promote student confidence, independence and interdependence by creating real opportunities to develop and extend knowledge and skills.

Our students continue to develop their English and maths skills throughout their time with us. Students that have not yet achieve a 9-4 (A*-C) in GCSE English and maths are able to re-sit these exams alongside their course. Students who have already achieved the required grades will continue to focus on applied English and maths skills relevant to their professional specialism.

We work in partnership with employers from all different industries to establish and understand the attributes and qualities they are currently looking for in employees. These skills are then embedded into all of our study programmes, enabling our students to develop the essential personal skills and behaviours needed ready to go straight into employment. These skills include: communication, problem-solving, teamwork & leadership, decision-making, responsibility and using your initiative.

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