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Student Voice

Student Voice is the umbrella name for the group of students with different roles who work together to support the drive for improvement in the College
Student Ambassadors
Student Council
Student Course Reps
Student Governors

Click on the role title above for more detail on each role.

In return for your support we offer the opportunity to work as part of a team, gaining practical work experience and developing your Skills for Success which you will be able to evidence on future CV’s and a range of applications including for apprenticeships and university. We will also be providing a Certificate of Achievement outlining your work with us and a formal reference from the College.

Applications and nominations for all posts are now open. 

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors - 26 positions available in total, across the College

What is a Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors are the “public face” of Student Voice. They play a key role in our events, offering a students' point of view to visitors and sharing their opinions and experience about life at College. 

What would I have to do?

Ambassadors work across three departments: Marketing, Schools Outreach and Student Services, attending a variety of activities and events across the academic year.

As an Ambassador, we will expect you to step up, take on extra responsibility and help us to deliver a great experience for students, staff and visitors.

Student Ambassadors attend key College activities and events both on and off campus during the academic year, supporting staff to ensure that students, staff and visitors are looked after and get the best possible view of Milton Keynes College. This could involve giving campus tours or visiting local schools on Year 11 information evenings.
You would also attend the end of term whole Student Voice meeting with Student Course Reps, Student Council and Student Governors.

Who can apply?

This may be work that you have been involved with before, for example running a club or being a Sports Leader. We welcome applications from students who can show commitment, perseverance and reliability; adaptability; a positive approach, and a good sense of humour!

How do I apply?

This role involves completing a brief application form and attending a 15-minute informal interview to get to know you better, after which we will select the most suitable students for the role.

Student Course Rep

Student Course Rep - 2 positions available per course

What is a Student Course Rep?

Course Reps are the “grass roots” level of Student Voice, ensuring that students’ opinions are heard and acted on by staff. Two Course Reps per school will also attend School Council.

What would I have to do?

In brief, Course Reps will:

  • Be the main contact for students on your course, collecting feedback or questions that they want you to discuss with staff within your course (this could be during tutorials).
  • Attend twice-termly School Course Rep Meetings led by Heads of School, where Course Reps from every course come together to look at shared themes or issues which will then be taken to Student Council.
  • Attend the end of term whole Student Voice meetings with Student Council, Student Ambassadors and Student Governors
Who can stand as a Student Course Rep?

We are looking for students with a real commitment to the ongoing improvement of the College who are confident about speaking to others, attending meetings and contributing to discussions.

How do I become a Student Course Rep?

Course Reps are elected within their own course. The process is very simple, please see the timeline in the introduction.

Student Council

Student Council - 26 positions available in total, 2 per School + 2 for Apprenticeships

What is Student Council?

Student Council is made up of two Course Reps from each school, two from Apprenticeships and a group of College staff. Student Council represents the student voice at a higher level, across the College.

What would I have to do?

Student Council members fulfill the role of a Student Course Rep, in addition to:

  • Attending five Student Council meetings per year to discuss College Strategy, cross College issues and common themes that have been raised at School Course Rep Meetings.
  • Attending the end of term whole Student Voice meetings with Student Course Reps, Student Ambassadors and Student Governors.
  • May also be invited to attend focus groups e.g. with Ofsted Inspectors.
Who can stand for Student Council?

We are looking for students with a real commitment to the ongoing improvement of the College who are confident about speaking to other students, attending meetings with staff and contributing to discussions.
 How do I become a Student Council member?
Student Council members have to be elected as Course Reps first and can then put themselves forward for Student Council. Please see the timeline in the introduction.

Student Governors

Student Governors – 2 positions available

Two Student Council members will also be chosen to be Student Governors. They will represent the student voice to the Board of Governors. Please note, in order to be a Student Governor, candidates must have been elected to be a Student Council member first.

In brief, Student Governors will:

  • Attend Board of Governors meetings to offer an opinion on the quality of the student experience and to provide a student voice when the Board is considering future strategy.
  • Meet separately with the Head of Governance.
  • Attend end of term whole Student Voice meetings with Student Council and Student Governors, organised by SS for ongoing student support and feedback.
  • Attend aTraining Day and a Student Parliament Day at the end of the academic year.

Please note: There is no set criteria but prior experience of Student Council (at the College or elsewhere) would be beneficial.

If you need any help with these forms or would like to meet to discuss the roles further, please contact our Student Services team.