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Your Course Shortlist

Help with Applying & Enrolling

Take a look at our guide that will take you through the whole process from figuring out the ideal course for you to what you can expect from making an application and becoming a student. We are always on hand to help at any point so please contact us if you have any questions.


Your Journey - Application to Enrolment

Step 1. Research

Come and visit us at one of our open events. Get a real feel for the environment, talk to our tutors and students, find a course you are interested in. Can’t find a date you are free? Get in touch on 01908 684551 to discuss your options.

Think about what you want to study, which subjects you enjoy and whether you have a career in mind. We don't expect you to know exactly you want to do with your life because to be honest, who does? If you've ever been curious about a subject, what's stopping you from having a go? Do some research and browse our website, this will help you understand which courses to investigate further.

Start preparing your personal statement, you will need this to support your application.

Step 2. Apply

Applying Online

You can apply as early as a year before your course is due to start, either at an event or online. You can apply to more than one area to keep your options open and make your decision once you have your exam results.
On receipt of your application, we will contact you via email or letter to invite you to an interview.

Apply at an Open Event

This is a great way to apply if you still have questions about the course. Tutors will be on hand to help with this and you can complete your application there and then at any of our open events.

You can request a paper application form and check the status of your application on 01908 684551.

When filling out your application form, ask yourself “Does your personal statement make you stand out from the crowd? Ask friends, family or tutors to read it.

Step 3. Your Consultation

January - August
Whatever your course, you will have an interview, but it’s not quite like going for a job. At this stage, we do not expect you to be an expert in your subject already, but you will need to demonstrate your interest and motivation to study the course you are applying for. The interview is an informal discussion where we want determine for you that your course and level choice are not only right for you but also the college too, as we want to ensure that we provide you with the best experience possible and help you initiate your first steps to your future.
Making a good first impression counts. So think about how you want to present yourself and how others will perceive you and make sure that you dress appropriately for the subject area you’re interested in.

Ask as many questions as possible about your course or the College, this is your chance to interview us too!

Step 4. Discovery Day

July – August
You may be invited to attend a course-related Induction Day. You will meet the tutors and experience the learning environment before you start. This will also give you the chance to make new friends ready for September.

Step 5. Pass Your Exams

Most of our courses require you to achieve certain results in your GCSEs to join the College.

Results day in 2018 is Thursday, 23 August.
It’s important to let us know your results and confirm your place. If you did better than you expected or didn’t quite get the grades you need, come and discuss your options at one of our Advisory Days.
Make sure you bring your results!

Step 6. Join the Club

August – September
You will be invited to enrol with the College, subject to meeting the entry requirements – if you haven’t attended an Advisory Day, make sure you bring your results! You will be given all the details about your first day at enrolment.

Your First Day

Your first week will involve an induction to familiarise you with the College. If you feel lost or out of place, don’t worry, there will be lots of other students exactly in the same position, but also plenty of people to welcome you to the College.

Your Journey Continues

GET INVOLVED in a number of activities all designed to enhance your College experience and wider your skills. From sports teams to employability fairs and volunteering, there is something for everyone.
Be sure to attend the Fresher’s Fair and check out the clubs and activities for you to get involved in and to help you settle into College Life.

Attend the careers fair to meet with employers and understand more about your options after College.
Even apply to be a Student Ambassador and be part of making the fun happen!
If you ever need any guidance or advice throughout your time with the College, our Student Services team is there to support you with wellbeing and money issues through to careers decision and support with UCAS applications for University.


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