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Sarah Grant

My name is Sarah Grant; I have been working at the college since June 2015.


I started off as an Apprentice hairdresser in Coventry and progressed to managing the salon at the age of 19. I then worked as a barber in Rugby, but then elevated to owning my own salon in Rugby, aged 24, before coming into education.


I had worked at Northampton College as an assessor and a trainer for hairdressing salons across the Northamptonshire area, which led to me progressing into a lecturer role with them. I then moved into Heart of England Training as Lead of Quality of Hairdressing, progressing into Training Manager for hairdressing which covered the whole of the midlands.


I have been actively involved with Habia (our governments hair and beauty industry authority), and with them written standards for the New Occupational Standards for Hairdressing with City & Guilds. In addition to this I am a subject matter expert for ITEC where I have written and adapted qualifications for Spain.


I have a wide range of experiences and have worked with many employers. I still actively work in hairdressing with customers I have had since training and still fulfil continual professional development hours within a barber shop every year.

I absolutely love hairdressing and barbering and keep actively aware of any changes in our industry.


I can relate to many of the young people who attend MKC today, as I have come from a similar background and hairdressing presented many opportunities to me that I was successful in and led to me having a better future.
It provides you with plenty of opportunities of ongoing development and training, which my brain needs!
A Hairdressing or Barbering career can simply change your life and it’s great to see people who have had a negative experience at school, find something they are good at and offers them with a better future. Some parents have told me, that for their son or daughter this has been the first positive experience in education they have had, so that is a great achievement in itself.



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