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Michelle Lockwood

I started in the Performing Arts department as the Technician, supporting all the performances from assessments in our in-house performance space to working in theatre venues across Milton Keynes.


My role within the team has evolved from Support to Lecturer to Course team leader, it’s provided me with a thorough understanding of all areas of what we do here in Performing Arts. We have a strong teaching team who are a pleasure to work with, building the sense of community which carries through to our students. The Performing Arts students bond very quickly, which is a really positive thing.


In my teaching role now, I oversee the theoretical side of the course and cover the aspects of backstage and production work which provides students with a valuable understanding of all sides of theatre, ultimately making the students more employable as they progress in their careers. The courses we run are awarded by the University of the Arts London (UAL), who are so generous in scope they allow us to design the course that we believe will be the most valuable for learners and to differentiate it to suit it to individual learning needs. 


The buzz of being a Performing Arts student comes from the achievement of a successful performance; all the weeks of hard work in rehearsals and production sessions come together in a shared success for all involved. Within the wider college community our department play an important role supporting events and providing entertainment for a range of audiences. The course requires full commitment and a lot of extra hours, which is never a problem as the students are often still in the rehearsal rooms when I leave in the evening. They never want to go home!


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