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Malcolm Cooke

Hi, I am Malcolm Cooke and have been at the college for fourteen years teaching maths at a variety of levels. In addition to this I also teach a number of other basic skills courses such as IT, Office Skills and Budgeting your Money.

Prior to working at the college I had worked for a number of local companies in various accountancy roles.


I was very excited to get into teaching and was very enthusiastic about my favourite topic, maths.


I started at the college having completed the first year of my teaching qualification and had volunteered with a small community centre based in Netherfield to gain some teaching experience.
After three years I had completed my teacher training, gaining my full Cert Ed in 2007 and completing an A-Level in Mathematics. I then studied at the Open University for two years and completed two-degree level courses.


I took a role with the college lecturing under 19's in what was known as 'Skills for Life'. But my role at the college developed further when I moved to the Adult Community Learning Department and worked with adults in the college as well as across the Milton Keynes area in community centres, company venues, prison and hostels.
I am currently teaching GCSE maths at Chaffron Way within the Adult English and Maths Department with courses during the day and evening.


Teaching maths at any level is tough, therefore when my students enjoy what they do in class it is very rewarding, I go home feeling I have been able to help them along the way to their own career, or to just be able to enjoy maths just a little more.



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