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James Nowell

Before I began teaching at Milton Keynes College in 2013, I had been teaching Media in schools since 2008 and had worked in a number of media based jobs which included being a stage manager, a presenter and a screenwriter.

I have an excellent track record with student success and progress, as I aim to ensure the students achieve their best outcomes through my 4i analysis model (issue, individual, intervention and impact); this helps me to identify and monitor (if needed) a student who may be struggling and how I can support them.


My aim is to support and guide students in developing their industry skills by aiding them with work experience and external opportunities, this it to help ensure they are prepared for the world of work. For example, I have secured a place with Into Film’s (film education charity) selective “See it Make it” initiative, which brings industry leaders in to mentor our students and maximise their employability once they have completed their time at the college.


I deliver a balanced theory and practical course that encourages students to work creatively and with their own initiative, which is to not only keep them motivated during class but in turn make them suitable for higher education. I seek out opportunities to develop and maintain my industry skills which is imperative to being able to provide my students with current and relevant information. One of my aspirations is to 'future proof' technology within education and to utilise its potential so students are always learning through the most up to date methods.


Fundamentally, I love my job. I get to support people develop their interests into a career they love, showcasing their creativity and talents along the way.


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