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Babrul Hoque

I was born In London and moved to Wellingborough with the family as a child. My parents are from Bangladesh, so growing up I was able to have the best of both worlds by mixing Bangladeshi and British culture.


As a teen I was always interested in becoming a teacher as I always wanted to know how do they have so much knowledge and I was inspired. I pursued my teaching degree at the University of Hertfordshire in 2007 and had qualified as a teacher in 2010. In the same year I was able to start my first job as a teacher and I had been working for that company for 5 years. I had taught various subjects to 13-19-year-old students with SEN (special education needs) and EBD (emotional and behavioural difficulties). I had also taught unemployed adults Work skills and helped them gain further qualifications and search for work.


In January 2016 I took on a new challenge by starting a new teaching post at Milton Keynes College as an Employability Skills Lecturer. I plan, prepare, deliver and assess a 2-week Employability skills workshop and teach Work Skills to 19+ adults who are unemployed. I work alongside the job centre and various employers to create bespoke Work skills courses to prepare potential candidates for working life. I have worked with various employers such as Ikea, Konecta and John Lewis which have been successful. On our Sector Based Work Academy (SBWA) Work Skills course, students are guaranteed interviews from the employer we are working with at the time.
Along with helping students achieve qualifications and gaining employment, I have helped many with their soft skills such as; communicating, decision making, time management, leadership and team working skills.


Being a teacher at MK College is such a gratifying job because I am able to educate and positively influence many people from different ages, cultures and beliefs. I have prepared and helped students to gain employment and build their self-esteem and confidence as an individual.


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