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Student Services is your single point of access to a wide range of services designed to support your physical and emotional needs as well as dealing with your general enquiries. Students can be referred to Student Services by a member of staff or can drop-in to one of the Student Services offices at Chaffron Way or Bletchley Campus.  

Support Coach Team

Our Support Coaches are available to offer professional and specialist advice and support throughout your student journey. The team aims to provide opportunities, support and information, advice and guidance to support you in making choices about learning and next steps.

Learning Mentors

Learning Mentors are part of the Student Services team and it is their role to help Students stay on track. They can work with all learners and are in addition to the other support available for example we also have Additional Learning Support for those with more specialist needs.

They will work with you directly if you are struggling with your course or facing other barriers to learning. They will work 1-1, in small groups or during workshop sessions to help you get back on track and organised with your workload.

As part of the Student Service team they know about all the different types of support available across the College and will be able to signpost you any other services that you may need.


14-16 Programme

We work in partnership with secondary schools to provide an alternative path for students that may benefit from a different environment and Home Educated students in exceptional circumstances.

Please note there is a 3 month cooling off period for Home Educated students and we are unable to accept Home Educated student applications for the academic year 2016-17 after Monday 5th September 2016.

For enquiries please contact Camilla Milner, you can either email her camila.milner@mkcollege.ac.uk or call her on 01908 684573.

Support Team Contacts

You can contact the any of our support teams using the below email addresses or telephone numbers:

Welfare Services

Email: welfare@mkcollege.ac.uk 
Chaffron Way Campus tel: 01908 684364
Bletchley Campus Campus tel: 01908 637326 / 637383

Bursary & Finance

Email: bursary@mkcollege.ac.uk 
tel: 01908 684364



Email: karen.allford@mkcollege.ac.uk
tel: 01908 684462

Careers and Course Guidance

Email: Careersteam@mkcollege.ac.uk
tel: 01908 684456 / 01908 684210

Learning Support

Email: ineedsupport@mkcollege.ac.uk
tel: 01908 684131 / 637327

Customer Services

Email: customerservicesteam@mkcollege.ac.uk
tel: 01908 684452 / 684453



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