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Through the Gate Services

Milton Keynes College Through the Gate Service has been a key delivery partner in the Thames Valley since Transforming Rehabilitation was implemented in the UK Probation services in May 2015.

From Autumn 2018 we are now expanding the three teams to take into account the next step in developing the service which will give us more staff at each location and develop the skills and resources to deliver an enhanced service alongside each pathway.
The service split into the National Probation Service (NPS) and newly formed privatised the Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC). Milton Keynes College has been working in partnership with the Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Company and have supported over 4,000 prisoners each year to plan for release and rehabilitation at the end of their sentences.

We have teams working in HMP Springhill, HMP Bullingdon and HMP Woodhill and see all prisoners, including those on remand, within their first 5 days of their sentence to support with any emergency issues like tenancy sustainment or immediate concerns across a range of mandated services.
Case Managers will then work with Responsible Officers in the Community on more detailed resettlement planning during the last 12 weeks of their sentence.

Services will support the following aspects of planning:

• Accommodation advice and referrals
• Finance Benefit and debt
• Employment and Education
• Support for victims of sex abuse and/ or domestic violence.
• Drug and alcohol
• Health
• Family relationships

We also deliver a thinking skills programme called “Getting it Right” covering modules in Change Planning, Relapse Prevention and Responsible Thinking and feedback has been very positive from those service users who have chosen to participate.

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