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Online and On Campus Apprenticeships


Milton Keynes College have partnered with Mindful Education to supply the following courses:


  • Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship (AAT L4)
  • Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship (L3)

Note regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19): Due to the nature of our Online and On Campus apprenticeships, with key concepts being taught online through high-quality video lectures, apprentices are able to continue their studies seamlessly with social distancing in place. Some regular ‘On Campus’ lessons can be replaced by remote ‘virtual classroom’ sessions led by college tutors. This flexible approach can be easily adapted to suit government guidance and college policies.


Apprenticeships - How does it work?

Online lessons can be accessed at any time, on demand, using a mobile, tablet or desktop - meaning apprentices can fit their study around work commitments, minimising disruption in the workplace.

On campus, apprentices benefit from face-to-face classes at college with an experienced tutor. A combination of classroom-based lessons, group exercises and discussion encourage apprentices to apply theory to real-life workplace situations.

This modern, flexible approach to apprenticeship training empowers learners, minimises disruption to employers, and delivers tangible results in the workplace.


Managing the 20% Off-the-job Training Requirement

All apprenticeships, regardless of how they are funded, require the apprentice to spend a minimum of 20% of their apprenticeship on training. But this does not have to mean that apprentices spend one day in every five out of the workplace.

The Online and On Campus apprenticeship model provides greater flexibility as apprentices can log in to study during quiet periods at work. All activity is recorded and counts towards the 20% off-the-job requirement.


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