Update from Dr Julie Mills OBE, CEO & Group Principal

April 1, 2020
I wanted to take the time to reassure you about the steps Milton Keynes College is taking to ensure that no existing student, or potential future student will miss out because of the restrictions currently in place due to Covid-19.

Lessons for our existing students have carried on remotely where possible, as per student timetables. This is something that our teachers have had to be very creative with, particularly when we offer such hands-on subjects from bricklaying to barbering. However early feedback has been positive, attendance has been good and we will continue to evolve our digital teaching over the Easter period.

Students are expected to be regularly logging on to attend lessons and tutorials remotely. We have also redeployed some staff to act as Progress Mentors and they are calling students individually to make sure they are keeping up and getting the support they need.

Decisions around GCSEs and progression

We are actively working with awarding bodies to ensure that all of our students who deserve to complete their qualification this year are able to do so and we are encouraging students to stay engaged with their college work.

Decisions around progression on to the next level of courses from September will be taken with the current situation in mind and we will support students to study the next level of their course wherever there is an opportunity to do so.

For those students who were planning to sit their GCSEs this summer, again I can only imagine the frustration in not being able to complete these qualifications in the normal way. My clear message is that Milton Keynes College will continue to hold a place for you. We will take each student on their individual merits and I encourage you to work hard to develop skills as much as possible and to continue through our admissions process as normal.

Looking to the future

We will be continuing with course interviews, remotely, in-line with government restrictions on social interactions, after the Easter break and we look forward to welcoming a new cohort of students in September.

The College is also playing its part in supporting the community. We are actively working with Milton Keynes Council to see how our kitchens might be able to be used to prepare food for those who need it whilst we continue to welcome students whose parents are key workers and vital to the effort to combat the virus.

If any members of your household have time on their hands over the coming weeks you might be interested in the College’s Distance Learning provision. We offer a number of short courses across a range of vocational areas.

Finally, please continue to stay safe, our social media channels are a great way of staying connected with us and get the latest information. They are available at:

@mkcollege on Twitter and facebook.com/mkcollege

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