Partnerships to Boost Education

November 27, 2018

Over the past six months I have been working closely with over 40 business from local start ups to global tech giants, from awarding bodies to some of the best Universities in the world. We are all pulling together to build, equip and operated a ‘game changing’ Institute of Technology (IoT) centred at Bletchley Park with hubs in Oxford and Reading.

The generosity from our Partners has been phenomenal with breadth of support in the form of expertise, research, teaching, equipment, the list goes on.

Much has been made of the skills gap our tech industry is facing, this certainly effects tech based business but there are also negative ramifications for any business looking to compete in an ever more digitally reliant world. Our Partners see the IoT as a catalyst for improving digital skills in their workforce of the future as well as their current workforce. Our Partners will be critical in delivering a dynamic, real life projected based curriculum to all those who choose to study at the IoT, it will be a fantastic opportunity for students to get to know the organisations that might be their potential employer in the future and for our Partners it’s an interview process like no other.

Funding restrictions in education continue to bite, we have to think differently to ensure that people of all ages have the opportunity to gain the skills that give them the best life chances possible. If we are brave, if we work hand in hand with business we have a chance to truly address skills shortages, boost business and fuel our economy.

I believe our IoT can be a blueprint for the future of education a real game changer!

Chris Coghlan
Head of Business Engagement

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