MK College wins education contract for all Long Term High Security prisons in the country

January 14, 2019

Following the Government’s recent prison education reform, MK College has won contracts to deliver education services across all of the Long Term High Security Estate in England.

Prisons will include those as close as Woodhill in Milton Keynes, and Aylesbury but stretch as far north as Durham all the way down to the Isle of Wight.

The College has been delivering education in prisons for over 27 years and remains a national provider of prison education services in England.

MK College recently celebrated helping over 600 ex-offenders gain employment upon release in just 3 years through its Employment Academy programme, and will continue to offer this highly successful initiative as the new contract rolls out.

The College will continue to work with prisons in the South Central region, and to offer a range of provision through the new Dynamic Purchasing System for prisons in England; however, their new contract will see them focus on developing the skills of long-term offenders, helping to initiate change and positive development over a long period, and helping offenders to build careers within custody.

Sally Alexander, Executive Director of Offender Learning at MK College, said “We are very proud to remain as a national provider of prison education across England. Our dedicated team are looking forward to continuing to deliver high quality education to offenders that really makes a difference. As the sole education provider for the Long Term High Security Estate in England, we have both a huge challenge and a wonderful opportunity to change lives for the better”.

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