Landmark LGBTQ+ conference ‘This Is Us’ to be held in Milton Keynes

January 24, 2018

The issues surrounding inclusivity and diversity are becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in the workplace, across all kinds of businesses. There has also never been a more relevant time to highlight and discuss issues surrounding gender, sexuality and lifestyle. To help businesses through the protocol and potential pitfalls, global events management company Events Together are producing This Is Us. This one-day conference will be held in Milton Keynes on 4th October 2018, and will tackle a number of key issues surrounding corporate diversity.

Event curator, and CEO of Events Together Meena Chander introduces the event: “This Is Us will focus on six really important themes. We’ll be looking at the mechanics of the business side focusing on corporate diversity, communication of inclusion and creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace.  Just as importantly, if not more so, we’ll be looking at the people at the heart of the issue in sessions on sensitivity to multiple discrimination, the importance of non LGBTQ+ allies and role models, and bridging the gap between education and the workplace.  We think this variety of content will give businesses a really helpful boost, and will open a few eyes in the process.”

Each of the six themes will be communicated through a series of presentations and learning labs throughout the day.  The event is aimed at anyone who would like to enhance their knowledge and understanding of diversity in the workplace, and will be particularly useful for managing directors, HR directors and anyone with a responsibility for managing people.  It is also focussed on being a platform for forward thinking business leaders to share their best practice and key learnings from their businesses.

The event is championed by brand ambassador, Jacqui Gavin. Jacqui is an award-winning and leading trans role model. She is a lead for change who has supported and delivered positive change at the heart of government for the transgender community, particularly during her time as the Chair of the Civil Service Network – a:gender; and led to her winning a British LGBT Award in 2016. Since then, she has moved into a more central role, currently championing Diversity and Inclusion culture at the Department for International Trade.

Jacqui is well regarded in the community as well as by the media, and is often to be heard talking about diversity and LGBTQ+ issues. Jacqui was keen to become an ambassador for this event, saying: “It has been really encouraging to see LGBTQ+ issues, particularly gender, discussed so much in the media and by the public in recent months.  It feels like we’re on a really positive path to a much more inclusive society.  I think that diversity in the workplace is one of the major hurdles that we still have to jump, and I was thrilled to be asked to take part in this event which will go a long way towards positive change.”

Jacqui launched the event with a Facebook Live broadcast on Friday 6th July, where she spoke openly about her experiences as a transsexual woman, and about how important and relevant the upcoming conference would be.  The broadcast can be seen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ThisIsUsConf, where you can also read a full transcript of the launch.

Jacqui concluded: “We knew that we would be met with some negativity by putting ourselves out there on such an interactive channel as Facebook Live – and we did receive some ugly comments.  They don’t upset me – I’ve dealt with the trolls and turfs for long enough – but they do go to show exactly the mindset and attitude that we as a society need to move past.”

Tickets for the conference are on sale now at where you can also find regularly updated information about speakers, conference content and news.

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