Engineering student gets top aeronautical degree apprenticeship with Rolls Royce

September 7, 2018

Zain Mughal, who has just completed the Level 3 Aeronautical Engineering course at MK College, has beaten 3000 other applicants to be accepted onto the Aeronautical Propulsion Systems degree apprenticeship at Rolls Royce.

Zain has always had his eyes set on Rolls Royce, which is arguably the biggest and most prestigious company when it comes to aeronautics. He has been interested in military aircrafts from a young age which drew him in to study engineering at College.

He initially studied AS Levels at sixth form, however didn’t find it the right fit for him. “I didn’t like working that way. At College we get much more hands-on experience which is an easier way for me to learn. The best thing about this course is the experience you get actually working with the machines, engines and working with specialist equipment such as the wind tunnel. The tutors are always there to support you and the facilities are a real advantage”.

Over 3,000 people applied for the degree apprenticeship, with Zain being one of 10 students selected. “The interview process was quite nerve wracking as it’s such a big company, however I found that everyone was really nice and understanding, and want you to succeed. You just have to keep your cool and answer the questions as best you can”.

The four-year degree apprenticeship offers both experience and qualifications. Zain will be working a few days a week as well as taking time to study for his degree. Upon completion Zain will be guaranteed a job with Rolls Royce, which is a fantastic incentive.

Zain is aiming to become a designer engineer for Rolls Royce. He said: “In order to do what I want to do you have to have experience. If I studied at University I’d only have one years’ experience if I’m lucky, which wouldn’t be ideal for progressing into the industry as most jobs require two-three years’ experience”.

Not concerned about missing the typical university experience, Zain will be moving away from home to Derby, and will be enrolled on the course with nine other like-minded students for the next four years.

“I’m slightly nervous to start however once I know what I’m doing and I’m organised I know I’ll be fine and really enjoy it”, added Zain.

Good luck Zain!

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