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Strategy & Values

Milton Keynes College is proud to play a central role in the development of our community by instilling our values – inspiration, excellence, innovation, respect and integrity – into everything we do.
As our existing plan draws to its conclusion, and after extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders, I am pleased to outline our strategic approach for the future of Milton Keynes College.
This plan builds on its predecessor, driving our ambitious vision forward to ensure we remain a successful, progressive and influential organisation into 2020, meeting the skills needs of our communities, our city and our region.
Best wishes,
Dr Julie Mills
CEO & Principal
Milton Keynes College

We believe in

We believe these things individually and as a group. They guide our day-to-day decision making. This is how we set out to achieve them

  • To inspire  - where everyone motivates, engages, challenges, and stretches each other
  • To strive for excellence - where everyone recognises their own potential and becomes the best they can be
  • To demonstrate integrity - where everyone is committed to being open in all we do and to be honest and do the right thing
  • To show respect - where we listen, consider the views of others and value everyone
  • To innovate - where new ideas and thinking are generated around people, products and processes




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