Forensics and Criminal Investigation


Forensics and Criminal Investigation

From searching for the cure to diseases to sending people into space, science is an incredibly exciting and far reaching industry. If you have an inquisitive mind, studying scientific subjects can lead you to a rewarding and dynamic career. From exploring the cells in a living body to investigating a crime scene, a career in science is open to people with an eye for detail and an analytical mind.

Course Information

  • Levels available 2 / 3
  • Start Date 02/09/2019
  • Course Ref SCIENCE
  • Location Bletchley Campus
  • Fees £ FREE for 16-18
    19+ Please see below

If you are over 19+ then please contact us for more information

What will I do?

Depending on the level you start out at, you can expect to work practically in a fully equipped laboratory, learning how to deal safely with potentially dangerous equipment. You will cover all areas of traditional science, including biology and the living body, chemistry in relation to the earth, physical science, and much more. In addition to setting up and investigating simulated crime scenes, you will cover key topics such as investigation techniques, practice and procedures, how to draw scientific conclusions and results, protecting and packaging forensic evidence and much more. You will learn how to apply your knowledge to a real crime scene to prepare for what’s to come on the job.

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What's next?

Most roles in the industry require you to have a higher education qualification or more specific training, as the work involved is complex and incredibly important to the justice system. You can specify which area of forensics you want to work in, including crimes against property, crimes against people and drugs and toxicology, to name a few. You could also head into the industry in a junior role, such as a lab support assistant.

Is it for me?

Want an exciting career in a fast paced and challenging subject? The job will require you to provide impartial scientific evidence to support the legal process, and efficiency is key. You must have an inquisitive nature, a methodical way of thinking, excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Crimes can happen anywhere and at any time, so no two days will be the same.

Entry requirements
You require 4 GCSEs at grade D/3 or above including English, Maths and Science.

16-18: N/A
19+: £2000
Overseas: £4000
Funding support may be available on this course, click here to find out more.

Entry requirements
You require 4 GCSEs at grade C/4 or above including Maths, English and Science.

16-18: N/A
19+: £7395
Advanced Learner Loan: £7395
Overseas: £7395
Funding support may be available on this course, click here to find out more.


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