Computing HNC

  • STUDY MODE Full-Time

What will I do?

You can expect to cover:

Programming – Introduces you to the core concepts of programming with an introduction to algorithms and the characteristics of programming paradigms. You will be able to design and implement algorithms in a chosen language within a suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Networking – You will gain knowledge and skills to successfully install, operate and troubleshoot a small network; and the operation of IP data networks, router, switching technologies, IP routing technologies, IP services and basic troubleshooting.

Database Design & Development – You will be able to use appropriate tools to design and develop a relational database system for a substantial problem, test the system to ensure it meets user and system requirements and fully document the system by providing technical and user documentation.

Security – Provides knowledge of security, associated risks and how security breaches impact on business continuity. You will examine measure involving access authorisation, regulation of use, implementing contingency plans and devising security policies and procedures.

Computer Systems Architecture – You will be able to explain the purpose and role of operating systems, the relationship between the subsystems embedded within a central processing unit, the core hardware and software components associated with computer operations and be able to configure the hardware and systems needed to establish a computer network together with practical diagnostic and troubleshooting techniques.

Software Development Lifecycles – Introduces you to lifecycle decision-making at different stages of the software development process. Theoretical understanding will be translated into practical skills through an actual software development lifecycle project and students will become confident in the use of particular tools and techniques relevant to a chosen methodology.

As part of the internship/industry placement section of the course, you will be expected to carry out the following activities and show evidence towards your development of professional practice:

  • Demonstrate a range of interpersonal and transferable communication skills to a target audience
  • Design a professional schedule to support the planning of an event, to include contingencies and justifications of time allocate
  • Apply critical reasoning and thinking to a range or problem-solving scenarios
  • Research the use of different problem-solving techniques used in the design and delivery of an event
  • Work within a team to achieve a defined goal, analyse team dynamics in terms of the roles group members play in a team and the effectiveness of achieving shared goals
  • Examine the need for Continuing Professional Development and its role within the workplace for higher level learning
  • Much more


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What's next?

This course will prime you to progress on to the HND Computing course, giving you the option to top-up to a full degree at a university. You could also go on to employment in the industry in a junior position, or continue gaining qualifications while you learn more with a relevant apprenticeship.

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Is it for me?

Whether you’re a whizz at web development, are a natural at coding or are the person that everyone asks to help with their computers and laptops, this course will develop your specialist skills, as well as offering a broad insight into the industry. You must be a logical thinker, pay excellent attention to detail and capable to research and complete projects independently.

Possible sectors that can offer employment with this qualification:

  • Web Designer
  • Systems Analyst
  • IT Technician
  • IT Field Engineer
  • Web Developer

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  • Start Date 07/09/2020
  • Day Monday to Friday
  • Start/End Time 09:00 / 17:00
  • Course Ref A354-1/1
  • Location Chaffron Way Campus
  • Fees £ 6000.00 Per Year

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