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Supported Internships

About the Industry

Are you eager to get working sooner rather than later? Do you want to learn outside of the classroom? A supported Internship will offer you first-hand experience of life in the workplace, whilst still providing you with support and guidance. You could work for companies such as Tesco, Holiday Inn and Bosch, to name a few, in a variety of different internships depending on your interests. There is a high chance of permanent employment upon completion of your internship.  

This course is available at multiple levels. 


Duration: Various Start Date: 02/09/2019 Study Mode: Full-Time Location: Chaffron Way Campus Fees: If you are over 19+ then please contact us for more information.

What will I do?

The skills you will learn will depend on what organisation you work at, however some of the common areas you could cover include health and safety; communication; interview and CV skills; customer service; understanding contracts pensions and unions; code of conduct and professional expectations in the work place; IT skills and working in a team. You will also receive support and feedback from a dedicated workplace coach or mentor. 

What's next?

The main aim is for you to gain employment at the organisation you are an intern with. If you do not gain employment, staff will help you plan your future and next steps.

Is it for me?

If you are keen to gain employment and start on the road to your future career, a Supported Internship will teach you employability skills in a structured and supportive environment. If you are aged 16-25, and have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP), this?course is designed specifically for?you. You could think of the Internship as a stepping-stone with a safety net to your career choice. Employers view internships as a nine-month job interview so this course provides you with the opportunity to show what you are capable of achieving.

What about entry requirements?

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