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Highlights Include

Week 1: Exploring casting (plaster casting from a clay mould)
Week 2: Exploring casting (alginate casting and vacuum form casting)
Week 3: Exploring modelling and carving (organic, abstract clay forms)
Week 4: Exploring finishes for sculpture (finishes for plaster and clay, including gilding and glazing)
Week 5: Exploring modelling and constructing (mod roc human forms)
Week 6: Exploring modelling and casting (wire portraits)


Duration: 5 weeks Start Date: 10/01/2019 Study Mode: Part-Time, Thursday, 18:00 - 20:00 Location: Bletchley Campus Fees: £150.00

Who is this course for?

This course is for beginners with the passion to learn and try their hand at the art of sculpture.

Why choose this course?

A six week exploratory, contemporary making course designed for those new to sculpture and those wanting to develop their skills further. Through the programme, participants/students/you will achieve a better understanding of sculptural processes, key terminology and contemporary sculpture practice. Every week participants/students/you will be guided through different techniques and processes culminating in a number of sculpture samples and a notebook bursting with ideas and key skills that you can then develop independently.

Entry requirements

You must be over the age of 16.

Course detail

How much will I have to study each week?

This course is for two hours per week for six weeks.

Do I need to purchase anything?

A sketchbook/notebook and pens/pencils to document experiments, ideas and artist research. A camera or camera phone to document sculptures and processes would be ideal.

How will I be assessed?

This is a recreational course with no formal exams or assessments. 

How will my progress be monitored?

Students will receive verbal feedback on how their skills are developing. 

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