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English for Speakers of Other Languages - Under 19's

About the Industry

  • Improve your English skills in English Language classes and practical sessions
  • Improve your maths and ICT skills and gain qualifications
  • Carry out work experience and receive support with preparing for employment
  • Opportunities to practice newly-learned skills inside the college and within the local community


Duration: Various Start Date: 03/09/2018 Study Mode: Full-Time Location: Chaffron Way Campus Fees: If you are over 19+ then please contact us for more information.

What will I do?

  • English reading and writing skills
  • English speaking and listening skills
  • Maths and ICT exams
  • Preparation for the workplace

What's next?

If you are aged 16-18 and you want to improve your English as a second language and get more skills to help you enter further study or employment then Milton Keynes ESOL courses are an ideal choice for you.

Entry level 3 is perfect if you are just starting out with the English language and will help you with everyday situations.

Is it for me?

Our exam courses provide certificates to prove your English language ability and will help your CV stand out from the crowd. You can also use our courses to progress on to further vocational study in the college.

From Entry Level 3 you may choose to progress to the Entry Level 2 ESOL course.

What about entry requirements?


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