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Digital Photography

Highlights Include

  • Rules of composition
  • Depth of field
  • Perfect sunsets
  • Shooting in low light
  • Shooting moving objects
  • Long exposure and preparing for print


Duration: 5 weeks Start Date: 10/01/2019 Study Mode: Part-Time, Wednesday, 19:00 - 21:00 Location: Bletchley Campus Fees: £150.00

Why choose this course?

Studying this course you will acquire a better understanding of the camera and digital technology in general. You will be able to make creative decisions regarding your own image intentions, and, have the confidence to achieve those intentions by manipulating camera settings, and operating the equipment with manual control. You will gain experience in working with the exposure triangle, composition, depth of field, flash use and low light photography, studio work for portraiture and product photography, basic manipulation using post editing software such as Photoshop, a basic knowledge of image files and formats, and White balance. In short, you will be able to handle a camera with confidence, produce better images and will have acquired the basic tools necessary for the expression of your artistic intent.

Entry requirements

The course would be suitable for anyone who could be considered new to photography, or, who owns a camera but is not necessarily getting the most out of it due to a lack of technical or artistic knowledge. As an introductory course, ideal for hobbyists wanting to create better pictures or individuals who may be considering photography as a career.

Course detail

How much will I have to study each week?

The course is two hours per week for six weeks. 

Do I need to purchase anything?

Should you own a digital camera we would recommending you using this so that you can gain confidence and maximise its usage. If you do not possess a camera one can be used onsite during weekly sessions.

How will I be assessed?

This is a recreational course with no assessments, exams or homework. 

How will my progress be monitored?

Every week, students will receive verbal feedback on how their skills are developing.

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