Student Life


Being a College student is about more than your education.

Of course it's extremely important, but there are many other factors that will contribute to your experience. We want to make sure you try new things, step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself at every opportunity, whilst being supported. There are a variety of enrichment opportunities you can get involved with to do just that.

College Voice

College Voice

Want a say on how the College operates? Don’t agree with something, or want to propose a new policy? The perfect way to make change happen is to get involved with Student Voice. We want to know your opinion on how we go about things and really value hearing directly from our students. Any of the below roles will offer you useful experience in communicating with a variety of people, attending formal meetings, public speaking, and more that will look fantastic on your CV.

There are four ways to get involved - read about them below.

Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassadors play a key role in enhancing the student experience and act as the face of Milton Keynes College. You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in a range of activities tailored to your skills and interests such as events, blogging and external visits.

Benefits include: networking opportunities with companies, being rewarded for doing work you enjoy, professional opportunities to develop your skills and gaining valuable experience to add to your CV.

Want to apply? Please contact

Student Course Rep

There are two positions available per course. Course Reps are the “grass roots” level of College Voice, ensuring that students’ opinions are heard and acted on by staff.  Course Reps will be the main contact for students on your course, collecting feedback or questions to discuss with staff.

Course Reps are elected by the students on their courses and take their issues to School Council and Student Voice meetings.

We are looking for students with real commitment to improving the College, who are confident in speaking with others.

Student Council

There are 26 positions available across the College on Student Council; two Course Reps per school, two for apprenticeships and a group of College staff.

Student Council represents Student Voice at a higher level across the College. Student Council members fulfill the role of a Student Course Rep, in addition to attending five Student Council meetings per year to discuss College strategy, cross College issues and common themes that have been raised at Course Rep meetings. They will also attend the end of term Student Voice meetings, and may also be invited to focus groups.

We are looking for students with a real commitment to the ongoing improvement of the College who are confident about speaking to other students, attending meetings with staff and contributing to discussions. Student Council members have to be elected as Course Reps first and can then put themselves forward for Student Council.

Student Governors

Two positions are available for Student Council members to be Student Governors. They will represent the student voice to the Board of Governors. Please note, in order to be a Student Governor, candidates must have been elected to be a Student Council member first.

In brief, as well as the Student Council requirements, Student Governors will also attend Board of Governors meetings to offer an opinion on the quality of the student experience and to provide a student voice when the Board is considering future strategy. They will meet separately with the Head of Governance, attend a training day and a Student Parliament Day at the end of the academic year.

Please note: There is no set criteria to be a Student Governor but prior experience of Student Council (at the College or elsewhere) would be beneficial. If you need any help with these forms or would like to meet to discuss the roles further, please contact our Student Services team.

Progress mentors

Every MK College student is allocated a Progress Mentor. This is the person that will offer you support and guidance from day one, setting you both personal and academic targets in line with your study programme and work experience goals. 

They will be there every step of the way to make sure you're on track to reach your goals, and to help you work through any obstacles or barriers. 

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