What’s it like to study Music at MK College?

June 23, 2020

Daniel Allison is partway through studying Music Performance here at the College, and has been reflecting on his experience from this year, and how learning in lockdown has inspired him to learn new skills and even new instruments.

With a long running passion for music, and a year of playing the drums under his belt, Daniel was inspired to learn more about playing his instrument live, and saw that studying at MK College would give him the opportunity to do just that, and more.

“My experience with the course has been great. It has given me both challenges and opportunities, and Iā€™ve met a lot of like-minded people who have since become close friends”, said Daniel. “Within two months of being on the course, we had the chance to perform live at the college, We had six weeks to prepare to perform three songs of our choosing. It was a great experience and it taught me a lot about music performance.”

So far, being at college has taught me performance skills, production skills, songwriting skills and how to work efficiently in a team, which is essential as I’d love to perform in a band professionally one day.”

“My dream job would be to perform on live tours, festivals and shows with a band.”

Since joining the college and during lockdown, Daniel has furthered his skills and taught himself how to play the piano, the ukulele and bass.

“After college, I plan to use my qualifications and everything that I have learned to go onto a music university and try to play some shows on the side as a hobby. I have my eyes set on Brighton for the music scene there! After university, my absolute dream job would be to perform on live tours, festivals and shows with a band.”

You can hear some of Daniel’s music over on his Instagram page.

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