Milton Keynes College | March 4, 2019

Ruhaimi Anver

After trying my hand at the Level 2 Engineering course here at the college, it was pretty clear that it just wasn’t for me. I was more interested in the technical side of engineering, and with my older brother working in the IT field, I decided a Computing course would suit me much better. My brother had left university for a job in IT with a decent salary, and he enjoys his job – so I knew I wasn’t taking a huge risk. I’m really active on social media and often make videos, so I already had a good set of editing skills that I knew would come in handy in some of the units, such as animation.

I started out on the Level 2 Computing course, and have now progressed on to the Access to HE: Computer Science course. I want to be ready as soon as possible to start my career, and the units on the Access course really appealed to me. I’ve found that in researching job roles, most companies are after people with experience, not necessarily university degrees, which is why I’ve decided I’m going to do an apprenticeship once I’ve passed this course. I’d like to work for a bigger company, such as Metro Bank or one of the head offices in Milton Keynes. I would like more training and to learn on the job, as well as get a good salary (obviously). As well as covering topics such as Cyber Threats, coding using different languages, databases and spreadsheets, we’ve also learnt some transferable, general skills such as different methods of note taking. I know it sounds boring but it’s actually come in really useful!

My favourite unit has by far been the research project. I looked into life as a cashless society, and the threat of fraud when it comes to online banking. It’s interesting to think that physical money could totally disappear in a short while, and the way we live our lives and operate as an economy. I also enjoyed learning how to use different equipment, such as the graphic tablets we used when learning about animation.

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