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Sponsorship Opportunities

We seek to build relationships with national and international partners through our sponsorship and participation opportunities.  As the largest training provider in Milton Keynes, engaging with over 3,000 employers, we are committed to bringing together students, staff and the business community.

Connecting education and industry is an essential part of our commitment to develop employability skills for all of our students.  We welcome all levels of involvement from employers and currently provide sponsorship and participation opportunities including; naming rights, open days, careers fairs, events, signage, work experience, mentoring, guest speakers and student workshops.

We also offer a partners' programme that provides three defined routes into partnership.

All involvement will greatly benefit our students and provides a fantastic opportunity for any business to enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility.

"My first introduction to Milton Keynes College was at the Student of the Year awards in 2013 and this year we sponsored one of the awards for Business and Leadership. I also presented at the launch of the Business and Leadership Centre. It's an excellent facility at Silbury Boulevard and is right around the corner from us."

Clive Hawes, Director of Organisation and Culture, Santander

To find out how to get involved with Sponsorship Opportunities at the college, please get in touch.



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