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Partner's Programme

 The Partner's Programme offers three defined routes to working with the College. You could be our Partner, our Friend, or our Associate, all accompanied by an abundance of benefits.

It’s a membership route like no other – connecting what your business does naturally with our aim to transform lives through learning and impacting on the future of our students by directly supporting activities in MKCollege and wider community.

Milton Keynes College  Ambassadors 2017
 Niftylift Ltd  Mirus  Jeanius Consulting Ltd Laurence Coen from Glorious Day
 Movey  Rightmove Group Ltd  Wates Darren Thomson from Movey Ltd
     Human Capital Ventures Jan Flawn CBE from PJ Care
    Interdirect Jean Gowin from Jeanius Consulting Ltd


Paul Tomlinson from Mirus
      Roger Bowden from Niftylift Ltd.


Paul Sharp from Kidsplay
      Philip Smith MBE from MK Business Leaders 

*TBA - To be advised.

Every year we will select individuals from organisations within the programme who we believe are true Ambassadors of the College, both within and outside of their organisation and recognise their contribution at one of our events, awarding them this status in perpetuity.

Ambassadors are individuals who have personally contributed to the success of Milton Keynes College. Current Ambassadors are: Roger Bowden, Clive Hawes, Paul Tomlinson, Jean Gowin, Jan Flawn, Darren Thomson, Laurence Coen. With three defined routes leading into a partnership with Milton Keynes College and various benefits available, you can easily see where you can contribute and where you can gain the most value for your organisation and brand.

“With the College it’s about building a long-term partnership, they’re looking to try and help us develop our business, looking as to how they can help us to grow the business in terms of acquisition of new customers. It really is a true partnership.”

Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director, Mirus IT Solutions

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