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Commercial Breakthrough Programmes

Achieve your Commercial Breakthrough

Is someone keeping you and your business from greatness?  And are you paying them to do it? 

There’s a fundamental reason that cuts through all others when it comes to explaining unfulfilled promise and unnecessary drama in the workplace: inadvertent sabotage. 
We all have specific strengths that we were hired for. But when we find ourselves under pressure, these strengths can backfire and cause us to block progress inadvertently. What’s worrying is that the more strengths we have, the more effectively we can sabotage proceedings. 
If your business results are falling short of your expectations and intentions on a regular basis, it’s a distinct possibility that yours and your colleagues’ Inadvertent Saboteurs® have got something to do with it.
Join Laurence Coen at Milton Keynes College for a FREE 2 hour Introductory Session on How to Achieve your Commercial Breakthrough - and find out how to take back full control of your business from the Inadvertent Saboteur®. 

To find out more please email us or call 01908 684520.

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