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Business & Finance apprenticeships

There are lots of different careers available in the Business and Finance sector. All of these areas combine practical skills and behaviour with knowledge you gain from the college.


Our Workplace Trainers are experts in their field and passionate about the subjects they cover. Activities can range from using spreadsheets to accounting software. Dealing with customers and resolving problems. Project Management and making changes to though to HR advice and employing staff.


The length of these apprenticeships varies anywhere between 15 and 30 months. Attendance at college can also vary between one day a week to one day a month.

The length of an engineering apprenticeship can be anywhere between 24 and 48 months. Attendance at College can also vary between one and three days per week.

Business & Finance

What we offer

Level 3 Assistant Accountant

Level 4 Professional Accounting Technician

Level 3 Business Administrator

Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner

Level 3 HR Support

Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor

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