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It’s never too late to learn

Being an adult doesn’t mean that your education is over. Whether you’ve got a master’s degree or no qualifications at all, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to learn something new, or even start a new career. Maybe you need training to support your professional development, studying an apprenticeship as an adult is a fantastic way to keep earning while learning.

Are you looking for a career change?

Ready to make the move but don’t want to go back to studying full time? Apprenticeships are the perfect to way continue earning while learning something new. With no upper age limits, you can get qualifications and gain valuable experience in the workplace. A lot of companies actively seek out adults for apprenticeships as they often have the desired skills and life experience that make a good employee. Progression routes are often faster than a traditional graduate or trainee route, and you also gain accredited qualifications. There is also a good chance of securing employment upon completion.

Are you looking to develop your current career?

Looking to progress in your current sector? Maybe you’re looking to train up some of your staff? Get in touch to find out how incorporating an apprenticeship into your work life can do wonders for your career, confidence and prospects.

If an apprenticeship doesn’t sound like your bag, maybe you’re better suited to studying a professional qualification? Options include CIPD, CIM, AAT and more. There are also plenty of funding and loan options, meaning courses are accessible and you can fit them around your life by studying part time.

"Why I'm Studying an Apprenticeship at 42"

At the age of 42, Vishal has changed his career through an IT apprenticeship. From collecting glasses to configuring routers and switches, Vishal proves that you are only limited by your ambition.

"I wasn’t working for my current employer before my apprenticeship, DTE placed an advert seeking an assistant technical engineer apprentice through Milton Keynes College, so I took a leap of faith and applied online and was successful. This was a big decision to make, even without a family and mortgage to pay, but the right one."

Why I'm Studying an Apprenticeship at 42 Meet Vishal
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