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Access key guide for Milton Keynes College

AccessKey h: access key guide page (this page)
AccessKey k: access key guide page (basic html version of this page)
AccessKey 0: homepage
AccessKey numbers 1-9: main menu areas (where applicable)
AccessKey p: text size up
AccessKey n: text size down
AccessKey x: text only version
AccessKey s: main search box

In addition there are skip links to the main content area, the main navigation area and the html only version of this page. To access these, click in the address bar to make it active, then press tab to cycle through the links.
To use these keys requires different combinations depending on your browser and operating system. Listed below are details for some popular browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. In the instructions, [key] is the access key you wish to use. [number] applies if the shortcut is a number.


Internet Explorer: alt + [key] - then press 'Enter'
Chrome: alt + [key]
Firefox: ctrl + alt + [key]


Safari: ctrl + [key] OR ctrl + alt + [number]
Chrome: ctrl + alt + [key] OR ctrl + option + [key]
Firefox: ctrl + option + [key] OR ctrl + [key] (for earlier versions)


Chrome: alt + [key]
Firefox: alt + shift + [key]


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