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Power Up Your Preparation with Our Revision Tips

Thu 13 Apr 2017 - posted by MK College

The Easter holidays are a great time to take a few days away from classes, relax after a tough few weeks and look forward to the next stage of education or whatever your summer may hold.

However, returning after double Bank Holiday break means that exam season is just around the corner. With 2017’s major exams kicking off in mid-May, we’ve put together our favourite top tips to help guide students through this year’s exam season.

Create a Revision Timetable

Spend some time before you get started planning what to revise and when, making sure that you either give all subjects equal time or focusing on those that need the most attention.

Research shows that 20-30 minutes chunks work best as your concentration stays higher so you could plan to spend 30 minutes on each subject followed by a five minute break before moving on to the next.

Get Started in the Morning

Starting with a fresh mind and renewed focus in the morning give you the best chance to begin as you mean to go on. By putting it off until later in the day, there’s a risk that something else could come up and steal your attention.

Mix it Up to Max it Up

Don’t be afraid to use a splash of colour in your schedule and your notes – research shows that colourful notes are easier to memorise than plain black and white ones, and they’re much more appealing to read and re-read.

Make the Most of Past Papers

Nothing prepares you for the concentration and skills required in an exam like learning what went into previous papers. Ask your teacher for past papers or try Googling them yourself.

Make Notes to Make it Stick

Keeping notes from your reading is without doubt the best way to commit them to memory – simply pouring through text is definitely not the most productive way of doing this. The more time you can commit to making notes, reading through them and then making more notes, the greater your chance of memorising the most important information.

Put Some Carrot on the Stick

Give yourself some light at the end of the tunnel with a reward or two at the end of a successful day’s revision. For example, arrange to meet up with friends or treat yourself to your favourite food if you accomplish your planned revision.

Feedback from Friends and Family

As you work through your revision, see if friends and family can test you and give feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. In addition to being a good revision technique, this can also be a bit of fun with a challenge.

Stay Positive!

Remember – whatever exams you are sitting, you can only do the best you can and they are not the be-all and end-all. Life definitely won’t be over if you don’t make the grades you dream of or are expected to achieve, so don’t put yourself under too much pressure.

Above all else, remember to find the right balance between working and relaxing to keep yourself feeling fresh and ready for the exams ahead.

And good luck!

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