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National Brexit talk takes place at MK College

Thu 10 May 2018 - posted by MK College

MK College hosted the event which was organised by the European Movement Milton Keynes Group. The objective of the event was to encourage young people to get engaged in the political process of Brexit. 

Lord Andrew Adonis, 'EU Supergirl' Madelaina Kay, and Our Future Our Choice campaigner Will Dry, led discussions on what Brexit will mean for the younger generations, and discuss whether if they had a chance to vote - would the overall outcome be different? 

The session began with all visitors casting a hypothetical vote on the Referendum, with an overwhelming 71% voting to remain in the EU. The speakers then introduced themselves, stating that they all voted for the UK to remain in the European Union. 

The group stated that they had invited local MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart to attend in defence of the 'leave' vote, however they did not confirm attendance. 

The event organisers told MKFM: "As part of his national tour of areas that voted Leave in the EU Referendum, Lord Adonis visited Milton Keynes to talk to voters about why they voted the way they did, and to make the case for a referendum on the final deal". 

Students discussed topics such as environmental law, animal rights, the prospect of education outside of the EU, how it will affect future careers, and much more. 

Q&A sessions took place, with students grilling the speakers on their thoughts.