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GCSE Results Advisory Days 2018

Fri 4 May 2018 - posted by MK College

Thursday 23rd August is GCSE results day. Upon receiving results, a lot of students will have done differently than expected.

MK College is hosting three seperate GCSE results Advisory Days to support and offer guidance post GCSE results. On these three days, curriculum staff, careers guidance counsellors, the apprenticeship team and student services will be on hand to offer support with choosing what to study, making an application and generally offering guidance on the next steps.

GCSE Results Advisory Days:
Thursday 23rd August (GCSE results day): 9am-7pm
Friday 24th August: 10am-4pm
?Tuesday 28th August: 10am-4pm

?Please note: All advisory days are based at Chaffron Way campus. 

Prior to GCSE results day, we'll also be open for application support. Whether it's deciding what course to take, or you just need help filling out the application, you can pop into College and tell our friendly receptionists that you need some help with applying - and our applications team will be ready to help.