Raising Participation Age

The Government has recently changed the school leaving age to 18.

There are two stages to the changes and this academic year sees the age increase to 17. This will increase again to 18 from 2015 onwards.


How does this affect me?

This might be a big change especially if you were planning on leaving school at 16 but it’s important to know you do not need stay at school for this final year. Instead you can study at the College; we have lots of alternative study options


What types of courses can I study at College?

You can study a full-time course, begin work-based learning with an apprenticeship or even start full-time work or volunteering as long as it’s accompanied by part-time studies.

With over 3,000 part time courses and 300 full-time courses, making the right study choice can feel daunting. Speak to one of our Careers and Course Guidance advisors today to get all the information, advice and guidance you need to help you find the right course.

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