Each Pathway is designed to provide you with a key focus for tutorials, enrichment activities and work experience, whilst enhancing your employability skills and preparing you for your next step.

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Legal Professions

Study Law with A Level subjects from:

English Language and Literature, History, Psychology, Sociology, Business

The legal industry is constantly striving to become more diverse and within Milton Keynes College, we enable you to acquire the skills and knowledge to progress into an exciting career within the legal industry.

You will be taught to analyse legal situations in a thoughtful, critical and articulate way. You will learn how the law works in practice and how to apply legal information to cases. Our staff adopt a practical approach, bringing law and the legal system to life. Interactive lectures and workshops will enrich your understanding of legal principles and skills in a realistic context. The benefits of studying this Pathway will allow you to improve your knowledge of legal practises in many different areas in addition to improving your communication skills by debating different cases and taking part in public speaking.

As law is an ever growing employment market, studying this programme can lead to many different career routes: barrister, chartered legal executive, solicitor, trade mark attorney and many more.  

Social Science

Study Psychology with A Level subjects from:

Sociology, Law, English Language and Literature, Communication and Culture

You will learn the practical and professional skills required when working in a social science sector role. This Pathway will prepare you for work within the industry and on completion of the programme, you can explore a career within criminal justice, social work, social care and youth and community work. You may also wish to progress into a career within the police force, in teaching, community work, research and academia, health and welfare.

A career following the social science Pathway can be an extremely rewarding experience and there are many charitable organisation that offer work in the UK and overseas. 


Study BTEC Applied Science (Forensic Science) with A Level subjects from:

Sociology, Psychology, Law

The Criminology Pathway provides you with a broad understanding of the causes and responses to crime with a main focus on forensic science. The field of criminology provides many opportunities for stimulating work, mostly in law enforcement and psychology, as well as a whole range of other areas. Within the programme, you will be provided with an opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of the topic and be taught in both theoretical and practical settings.

After gaining your qualifications, you can progress into a career within the police service, youth justice, community safety, crime prevention, victim support, the prison or probationary service and drug and alcohol prevention services. The main benefit of working within this industry is the exciting career opportunities available which will allow you to use your expertise to help solve crimes, protect communities and prevent crimes. 


Study Business with A Level subjects from:

Law, Accounting, Sociology, Psychology

The Business Pathway will develop your understanding of the different sectors in a business capacity, including finance, entrepreneurial skills, marketing, global businesses, human resources and economics. This sector, also known as the professional services industry, helps to improve the performance of businesses.

Business managers specialise in areas such as human resources and IT, and support organisations both from within the company and as external service suppliers. Studying the Business Pathway will also give you an awareness of the knowledge you will need in order to start your own business.

The Business Pathway can lead you into careers within the following sectors: finance, marketing, operations, banking, IT plus many more. The benefits of studying the Business Pathway will allow you to develop extremely versatile skills which will be useful in many careers not simply with a business background, these include: team work skills, numeracy and problem solving. 

Literary Professions

Study English Language and Literature with A Level subjects from:

History, Communication and Culture, Law, Sociology

The Literary Professions Pathway focuses on English literature and Language. You will be studying specific genres and time periods, widening your creative writing skills and critically analysing poetry and different literatures.

By enhancing your analytical and creative skills, you can progress into careers such as becoming a writer, a journalist, a publisher, an editorial executive or working with public relations. The benefits of studying humanities subjects are that you will gain knowledge of foreign languages and foreign cultures, studying this subject will strengthen your ability to communicate and work with others. This course allows you to communicate with a diverse range of people which will allow you to develop your cultural knowledge permitting you to put this into practise in everyday life.