Our Facilities

The Horticulture Centre

Our brand new Horticulture Centre offers students the opportunity to learn some work-ready skills and learn to look after themselves while developing their knowledge of the horticulture industry. Produce grown in the Horticultural Centre is sold by students to College staff and the wider Community. 


The Learning Cup Coffee Shop

Our student-run coffee shop allows students to develop a hands-on approach to running a business. Students learn vital employability and customer service skills that can be transferred directly into the workplace.

Duck End Farm

Our thriving Animal Care course allows students to engage with both the theory and practice of caring for animals.  Students learn valuable life and employability skills as they work alongside farm-hands and volunteers.  There are also opportunities to get involved with a number of local animal charities.

Cottesloe Sports Centre

Our onsite Sports Centre accommodates a large selection of games and activities run by the College’s Sports Department.  We promote healthy living skills alongside all our programmes and students are encouraged to develop their social and team-building abilities by entering competitions with other groups.

The Barrow

Our student-run Pop-Up Shop provides valuable enterprise and employability abilities while raising funds for trips, charities and future enterprises in our department.

The Barrow

Flat with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and sitting room

Our flat on College premises is a fantastic tool for teaching household skills such as cooking and cleaning.  With disability-friendly fixtures such as raised tables and lowered sideboards, it is an ideal location for our students to discover just how much they really can do in their own homes.

Wolverton Orchard

The Wolverton Orchard Project allows our students to broaden their horticultural and employability knowledge while giving back to the Community.  Students are supported to work alongside local volunteers to sow seeds, pot-on, weed and pick and prepare produce.  

Other projects

We encourage all our students to be involved in their own communities whether by raising funds for local charities or lending a helping hand.