The two big expenses are tuition fees and living costs.  Repayable loans can be taken out for both while there are also grants and bursaries which do not have to be repaid.

Please remember that tuition fees for all Higher Education Courses are due for each academic year you study.

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Financial Support from Student Finance England

Types of help for new full-time higher education students include:

  • Tuition fee loans to cover the full cost of tuition fees
  • Maintenance loans to cover living costs
  • Grants for living costs 
  • Bursaries and scholarships from universities and colleges
  • Students can also get extra help if they have children or adult dependants, or have a disability or specific learning difficulty.

Information and application forms can be found here www.gov.uk.

Unfortunately, there are no tuition fee waivers at Milton Keynes College.

Bursaries and other forms of support - Student Opportunity Fund 14/15

What can the Student Opportunity Fund help with?

The Student Opportunity Fund can provide extra help for students judged to be in hardship needing extra financial support.

The College will look at each case individually on its merits but help may be available:

  • For course or living costs not already covered by other forms of financial help.  These could be everyday living costs, childcare costs or support over the summer holidays.  It can include emergency payments to cover unexpected financial crises or exceptional costs - such as repairs to essential household equipment
  • If you are thinking of giving up your course because of financial problems and need extra support to help you keep studying.

Who can apply?

The Student Opportunity Fund is available to:

  • Full-time higher education students

  • Part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students, as long as their course lasts at least one year OR takes no more than twice as long to complete as an equivalent full-time course

  • Students with a disability or specific learning difficulty that means it will take more than twice as long to complete their course than would be typical for an equivalent full-time course.

How to apply

You can apply by completing the application on the link below, but be ready to provide:

  • A copy of the letter from Student Finance England showing how much you will get through the standard student finance package
  • Documents showing your financial situation, such as bank statements and details of rent.

Student Opportunity Fund and other types of student finance

Money from the Student Opportunity Fund is paid on top of the standard student finance package and not instead of it.  However, this funding is discretionary.  Institutions make their own decisions about whether a student can claim and the amount they are awarded.

You will be expected to have applied for any student loans, grants and bursaries to which you may be entitled before applying for help from the Student Opportunity Fund.  Further queries should be addressed to georgia.moustaka@mkcollege.ac.uk.