College to Careers

College to Careers

Meet your future employees as they start their journey

In times of increasing skills shortages, increasing numbers of start-up businesses and more and more global organisations moving into our region how can we guarantee that business gets the skills for growth they need?

The answer is us. At Milton Keynes College we are constantly looking for ways to ensure local businesses have the best solutions to do exactly that. We already offer recruitment services through our partnership with Reed NCFE, funded pre-employment academies to pre-select candidates and high quality vocational skills provision. We scan the economic horizon to ensure we are aligned with local market changes to ensure our curriculum is designed to meet your skills needs.

We’re now taking that one step further – we aim to engage with businesses much earlier, so you can meet your future employees as soon as they start their journey with us and take a leading role in helping us to provide them with the skills they will need to help your business grow in the future.

The College to Careers programme will cost you nothing more than your commitment and time. The benefits can be huge as you learn about the individuals who could one day join your organisation. 

For more information on how College to Careers works please see our guide, email or call 01908 684520