Youth Work Team

College isn’t all work and no play. That’s why our Youth Work Team is dedicated to creating an informal and social learning environment that will enrich and complement your studies.

There’s plenty to get involved in from music clubs, art workshops and festival events to competitions, student council and other social events. And if that’s not enough, there are also opportunities to take part in charity work and get involved in some great projects where you take the lead.

Based across each campus, the Youth Work Team works alongside all students to ensure that College life is rewarding and fun, and that College is a place where you can nurture your personal talents and individual goals, while realising your academic potential.

The Youth Work Team supports all students to:

  • provide a safe and relaxed space on all campuses away from the classroom environment
  • provide access to facilities such as music, pool, sports equipment and social games
  • plan and organize activities and events that allow students to socialise, participate and relax
  • increase opportunities for the student voice through student council
  • be available to talk, advise and help in the areas where students hang out
  • promote events offered by the Student Support Services department