Student Council & Union

If you’ve got a voice and would like to be heard, why not join our Student Council?

The main purpose of the Student Council is to report on issues affecting fellow students and find ways in which to improve College life. Obviously, they can’t make the changes, but part of the Student Representative role is communicating student issues to those that can make a difference, i.e. the College Principal and Vice Principals.

The Student Council also has a section on the Student Intranet which contains information on forthcoming events and reviews on past ones. It also outlines the progress that has been made with any issues that have been raised by the Student Council.

Role of the Student Council

1. To help improve student life at College
2. To ensure that students have a voice and gain respect
3. To make changes 
4. To ensure an enjoyable learning experience
5. Improve the atmosphere and environment
6. To bring students together, one body to represent all students
7. Establish connections between course areas
8. Generate new ideas
9. Discussing improvements (cross college)

Role of the Student Representative

1. To voice other people's opinions on their behalf
2. To give and take feedback
3. To help make changes
4. To provide a link between students and key College staff
5. To raise quality issues
6. To come up with solutions for a better working environment
7. To act as the messenger for students and staff
8. To attend meetings as often as possible.

Join In

Do you have what it takes to be on the Student Council? If so, get involved now. Here's what we're looking for:

Person Specification

An ideal Student Representative will be:

• able to express opinions
• honest and open
• approachable
• a good negotiator
• outgoing and able to interact with others
• fair and unbiased.

For more information on becoming part of the Student Council, please contact:

Chaffron Way Campus: 01908 684425
Bletchley Campus: 01908 637311