Although the College does not provide its own student accommodation, private rental rates across the city are very competitive.


Accommodation in and around Milton Keynes can range from £50 – £130 per week for a house share. Many landlords will require a deposit and a month’s rent in advance, and you might also need to provide a reference and/or proof of being a student. 

Students are exempt from paying Council Tax. Please contact the Sarah Power from the Welfare & Bursary team on 01908 684394 for more information.

Guides to Renting

Finding the right place to live is a really important part of moving to any new town or city, and will be an equally important part of being successful with your studies at Milton Keynes College. If in doubt, please ask your Personal Tutor or a member of the Welfare & Bursary team, who will be happy to help. Many good guides for students looking for accommodation can also be found on the internet; here’s one example from the Right Move website.

Here’s a list of local letting agencies and websites with accommodation available to students: 

Faulkner Property - 01908 321200 
Spareroom - 01625 666750 
YMCA - 01908 295600
Right Move
Room Buddies 

Other letting agents and websites are available to students, so we would also recommend looking at the property pages of the local papers:

MK Citizen
MK News

Advice for International Students

More advice for international students can be found at the UK Council for International Student Affairs’ website, or by contacting the College