In your English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class, you will improve your Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

We offer courses at a variety of levels, times and locations. We are sure you will find the right course to suit your needs. 

We also offer Maths, ICT and Employability classes. These additional classes are an excellent way for you to increase your hours of English and improve another skill at the same time.

You will need to complete an application form. When we receive your form we will invite you to an assessment. During the assessment, we will help find the best class for you.

The cost of courses varies. See a price list here.

If you would like more information, before you apply, please e-mail or call 01908 684311.

Future Prospects

You can also improve your language skills by further study. Your new-found abilities and confidence will help you achieve your potential and improve your job prospects.

Student quotes

‘The English ESOL class at Milton Keynes College is the best course I have attended. Not only did I meet a fabulous group of people, but I also learnt more English in six months than I have in my entire life.’ Raul Frias

‘I am extremely satisfied with the course at Milton Keynes College. The teachers were very competent and the lessons useful. I loved my grammar lessons which are always a vital starting point when learning a new language. The Life in UK class provided interesting information about British traditions and lifestyles. Even the IT class helped the group improve our English reading and speaking skills. Moreover, Milton Keynes College gave me the chance to do the IELTS course which helped me to pass my IELTS exam successfully and start my University degree.’ Shameem Fatmah Hussain 

‘Not only have I learned spoken and written English at MK College, but I have built up my confidence as well!’ Qi Peng Yu