Apprenticeships are specialist on-the-job training programmes that allow you to develop your career, study nationally accredited qualifications and learn new skills. Alongside your studies, you will also be working with an employer and earning a wage. Whether you are looking to start a new career or are already in a job and want to gain further qualifications, an apprenticeship could be the right path for you.

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to A Levels or university and many employers are looking to grow their own talented workforce via the apprenticeship route. Many apprentices continue their learning after completion of an apprenticeship with foundation or part-time degree programmes, which can often be funded by their employer.

Motor Vehicle Department

Milton Keynes College has over 20 years’ experience of delivering high-quality apprenticeship programmes across a wide range of occupational areas. We work with many companies locally to support them in finding the right apprenticeship to meet their needs and in delivering high quality training to meet industry requirements. We offer a wide range of sector specific apprenticeship frameworks to meet the needs of most employers and young people seeking apprenticeship vacancies.

If you already have a full-time job and have the permission to undertake an apprenticeship programme with your employer, please telephone the business helpline on 01908 637056 or email

We have a number of current apprenticeship vacancies available. If you would like to apply for one of the apprenticeships listed below, you must register on the National Apprenticeship Service website and apply via the website.

Hairdressing Apprentice
Hairdressing Apprentice
Advanced Engineering Apprenticeship - Engineering 
Advanced Apprenticeship - Craft (Assembly/Service)
Higher Engineering Apprenticeship - Engineering Manufacture - Senior Technician
Intermediate Apprenticeship - Craft (Assembly/Service
Apprentice Business Administrator
Apprentice Administrator
Programming Apprentice
Hospitality Apprentice
Advanced Marketing Apprentice
Apprentice Insurance Administrator
Apprentice Hairdresser
Apprentice Finance Administrator
PR Executive Marketing Apprentice
Apprentice Customer Service Research Team 
Hospitality Apprentice
Motor Vehicle Apprentice
Advanced Engineering Apprentice
Advanced Hairdressing Apprentice
Intermediate Hairdressing Apprentice
Apprentice Business Administrator
Hospitality Apprentice
Apprentice Business Administrator
Retail Apprentice 
Marketing Assistant Apprentice
Business Administration Apprentice