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Klood Academy

Master Digital Marketing with Klood Academy and MK College


Milton Keynes College are delighted to announce their partnership with Klood Academy.

Located in Milton Keynes, Klood is a digital marketing agency that helps drive traffic, generate leads and convert them into customers. Klood Academy offers a range of digital marketing courses that will help both businesses and individuals broaden their skills and improve their visibility online by increasing social engagement and brand recognition.  

The partnership includes the following subjects:


Klood Academy & MK College Courses
Course Title Start Date
Managing Difficult Conversations 13/04/2017                                                  
Providing Excellent Customer Service 26/04/2017
Presenting with Impact 11/05/2017
An Introduction to Project Management 21/06/2017

Please see below for a list of the courses and dates offered by Klood.

Klood Academy Courses

Course Title Start Date
Introduction to Social Media 05/04/2017
Introduction to Inbound Marketing 30/03/2017
Introduction to SEO 12/04/2017
Social Media Advertising 21/03/2017


To learn more about the partnership and how it could benefit you, get in contact with us by calling 01908 886537, or by emailing academy@klood.com.